We’ve written before about binge reading the Bible—the idea of getting through the entire book in a short enough time that you can still remember the beginning when you get to the end. There are all kinds of ways to do it and it’s not as extreme as you think it is. For instance, a pretty average reader can finish in 100 days by reading just 40 minutes a day.
Which brings us to now. My wife recently told me that she wanted to finish out 2017 with a bang, starting this Sunday (Sept. 24) and finishing the Bible before the end of the year (100 days). Then a bunch of friends agreed to join her. Then I decided to join her too.
So here’s the challenge. Would you consider joining us for the next three months to absorb ourselves in this extraordinary book?

Why do I need to join a group?

You don’t, obviously. You can read anytime, anywhere, and in whatever way helps to movitate you. But if you’re anything like me, sharing the journey with others is really motivating. Think of it like a gym membership for Bible reading. The commitment makes it harder to not do it. Why not with Bible reading?
Someone could object that we shouldn’t read the Bible out of social pressure to keep up with a group. Honestly, I’m happy for whatever pressure I can get towards right thinking and living. And since when is acountability to other believers and positive social pressure unbiblical?
But another reason to join is that we will work at getting resources for you—schedules (personalizedchronological or in canon order), major themes to look for in the books, and a simple way to keep track of how you’re doing. I strongly encourage you to get an inexpensive Bible ($3.00 here) to mark as you go—another way to keep your mind engaged as you read. Working as a group, we can learn from each other. If you are willing to make the investment of time, we want you to get as much from your time as possible.
There is no better way to know your Bible than spending concentrated time in it. And I can’t think of a better way to end 2017. Why not join us?