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Snip Your Enemy/Idol Line

Our little “idolatry/enmity” game has simple but firm rules: delight me, humor me, comfort me, or love me, and you get closer to my “idol” pole; but annoy me, disregard me, disappoint me, or threaten me, and you get closer to my enemy pole. Whenever a relationship promises to deliver happiness, we scoot that person toward the “idol” pole of our line. And whenever a relationship threatens to obstruct our happiness, we push that person toward the “enemy” pole of our line.

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foundational strategies for missions
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Rescue the Perishing: Two Foundational Strategies for Missions

Despite everyone’s diligent efforts and sincere desires, missionary activities sometimes involve varying degrees of ineffectiveness. Why? One explanation might be that Christians, churches, and missionaries simply are not thinking strategically about how to make a rescue operation achieve as many goals as possible. Here are two foundational strategies no Christian interested in missions can afford to ignore.

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