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Jonathan Threlfall serves as assistant pastor at Hanover Baptist Church in Glen Allen, VA. He and his wife Christa have four young children. Jonathan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Apologetics and Worldviews.

how pastors wish their people would listen to preaching
For the Heart

How Pastors Wish Their People Would Listen to Preaching

It’s tempting for us to think that, if only we could sit at the feet of David Platt or John Piper or Chuck Swindoll, we would be more spiritual. But the Bible tells us that God’s Word yields fruit, not when it pours through the lips of a renowned expositor or a dynamic Christian leader, but when it takes root in the fertile soil of an obedient heart (Matthew 13:18). In order to produce a bumper crop, great preaching needs great listening.

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Millennials: “We Want Something Real, Not Just Hashtags and Twitter.”

Millennials: “We Want Something Real, Not Just Hashtags and Twitter.”

With poignant lyrics, Passenger has put into words the Millennials’ angst: we feel the dull trauma of our hollowness and long for something real. Our Facebook statuses, tweets, and Instagram photos project only the image we care to present. As the generation that has touted authenticity as the ultimate virtue, we have come to embody the vice we most despise: hypocrisy.

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