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Jonathan Threlfall serves as assistant pastor at Hanover Baptist Church in Glen Allen, VA. He and his wife Christa have four young children. Jonathan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Apologetics and Worldviews.

For the Heart

Snip Your Enemy/Idol Line

Our little “idolatry/enmity” game has simple but firm rules: delight me, humor me, comfort me, or love me, and you get closer to my “idol” pole; but annoy me, disregard me, disappoint me, or threaten me, and you get closer to my enemy pole. Whenever a relationship promises to deliver happiness, we scoot that person toward the “idol” pole of our line. And whenever a relationship threatens to obstruct our happiness, we push that person toward the “enemy” pole of our line.

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For the Heart

Should I Tell My Child She’s a Sinner?

Had I just committed the unpardonable parenting crime? I had finished a conversation with my four-year-old daughter: “We are all sinners,” I looked her straight in the eyes as I continued, “And sin always hurts. It hurts us because we deserve to be punished in hell for it.” I had just told my daughter she was a sinner, condemned by God. Had I cruelly set time-bombs of depression and despair in her little heart by teaching her the doctrine of original sin?

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