Pioneer Missions: Meet the Challenges, Share the Blessings by Forrest McPhail, 2015.

Pioneer Missions
This recent book by GFA missionary, Forrest McPhail, sets out broad biblical foundations for missionaries, while also helping pastors who support and send them. The book is helpful and practically useful for anyone whether they are a missionary or not. Well documented throughout by other resources, a few of the key issues Forrest discusses are presenting the gospel to those with no biblical background, contextualized ministry methods, the right response to poverty, avoiding patron-client relationships, and handling church discipline. One of the most foundational concepts Forrest elucidates is the core essence of true New Testament ministry. Only when we can distill the basic, required elements of the church apart from our cultural context are we prepared to teach and establish those in a new context.

Naturally enough, this book is primarily written for pioneer missionaries—those in fields where little or no gospel witness preceded them. Secondarily it is also directed towards Southeast Asia and especially Buddhist societies. I would also add that it is most applicable to missionaries in developing countries. But many things throughout the book are broadly helpful to missionaries in general. At less than 150 pages, this very practical and accessible book is certainly one you will enjoy, wherever your place of ministry.

Pioneer Missions is currently free on Kindle until tonight (Thursday, May 21). (Normally $5.99 on Kindle; $9.99 in paperback.)