In the last six months since Rooted Thinking began, reader response has been very positive—so positive, in fact, that the technical needs of the website have been overwhelming our writers’ ability to produce the quality we expect. So, we’re seeking a Technical Director.

The ministry will include managing posts; maintaining and improving the email list; providing technical support for new ventures like podcasts, better webmail, etc; selecting attractive photos for page headers; and monitoring the website for technical difficulties. Our technical director will not be asked to write, but will help our writers package their material in the best possible internet light. Applicants don’t need any previous technical experience, but should be comfortable working with WordPress, Bluehost, and Mailchimp.

This is, of course, a ministry position; the Rooted Thinking staff volunteers their skills uncompensated. What we are offering, however, is an opportunity to build one’s portfolio so that in the future, should a job opportunity come along, our technical director would have the experience and a platform from which to proceed.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please use the contact us form send us a brief paragraph telling us why you’d be a great fit for the job. We’ll get back in touch to talk through things further.

The Rooted Thinking Team