Excellent Christian content comes in such vast quantities that it quickly overwhelms us all. At rootedthinking.com, we’d like to share some of the excellent material we’ve encountered.

Below is our first effort to provide a platform for an excellent film: Church Planting. If you like what you see and want to watch the hour-long feature presentation, you can do so here. If you you’d like to suggest other excellent Christian films that you think would help our readership, please feel free to email them to rootedthinking@gmail.com.

Without further ado, I’ll let the director, Steve McCullough, introduce you:
I want to be a missionary in Utah,” doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as, “I want to do tribal missions in the jungle.” To many people, Utah is a place for camping and skiing and vacationing—inhabited by nice, conservative, religious folk. We created the documentary film Church Planting to give people a firsthand look at the mission field of Utah and Idaho through the eyes of the church planters that serve there. And although it is a slow work, speckled with triumph and tragedy, God is doing something truly special in this area.